Kyle Robbertze

The last 2 weeks have been DebConf 17. This gave me the opportunity to test firmware on an actual Atlys and Opsis board. Getting there also allowed me to work on new firmware while in the plane.

During testing, I found the blinking lights example worked well on both, however the audio firmware, which is supposed to generate a tone that can be picked up by PulseAudio, only worked on the Atlys board. The Opsis throws an error trying to send a SET_INTERFACE request. I was unable to debug it while at DebConf, but plan to do so when my luggage, with an Opsis board inside, arrives home.

While I was travelling, I started working on the FIFO version on the audio firmware. This version creates a loopback audio device, using two FX2 boards. One acts as the PulseAudio source and sends this data over the FX2 built-in FIFO interface to the second dev board which reads the audio from the FIFO and presents this to the host PC. This allows us to fully test the FIFO and descriptor setup of the audio firmware.

While at DebConf, I also got hold of a Milky Mist expansion I/O board. With this I can work on the next set of the audio firmware, which is to capture sound from the I/O board and present that over USB.

Next week I need to try debug the audio firmware on the Opsis and get the FIFO version working on the FX2 dev boards.